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Becoma a sponsor


The food sponsorship as part of the cat-kid program is 15,00€ per month. We use this money to buy dry food and cat sand for the litter box every month. We also buy worming, vaccinations and medicine if necessary. 


A sponsor pays €15.00 per month for the child's education. This amount can be used for school fees, transportation costs, school materials and boarding costs. 


If the sponsor wishes, direct contact can be maintained with the child. 


Food sponsorship: Sponsors receive photos and videos of their animals 2-3 times a year and are informed if the animal is ill, for example.


We post photos and information about the sponsored children several times a year and of course you can ask us at any time how the sponsored child and its cats are doing. 


We work as transparently as possible.

Unsere Adresse

Conny Lehmann-Horn
Schönstraße 65
81543 München

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Tel: (0157) 87544516
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