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Cornelia Lehmann-Horn

Cornelia Lehmann-Horn


Founder and director of Sumatra's dogs&catscare. Managing Director of Conny's Mensch&Tierhilfe gUG


I manage and coordinate the project, mostly online from my home in Sri Lanka. There I work in my other animal welfare program, called Lokku's dogs & catscare. ( Once a year I come to Sumatra to work on site with my team. I support my team with veterinary issues and liaise with vets. I am also responsible for social media, funding and donations. Before my time as an active animal rights activist, I worked as a social worker in Munich.

Niki Sinti und Silvia Sinta

Niki Sinti and Silvia Sinta


Cat rescue & cat care, management and coordination on site, support for child-cat sponsorships, bookkeeping


My everyday life revolves around cats: Prevention through deworming and neutering, treatment of injured and sick cats, raising orphaned kittens. Owners can bring their animals in for free treatment. I have a lot of cats living at my house who are allowed to stay with me forever. I visit the foster children and their cats every month, give them food and training money. My sister Niki helps me with all these tasks.

Rudi Sinulinga

Rudi Sinulinga


My pack of dogs lives in the jungle of Batu Katak by the river. I spend a lot of time with the 7 dogs every day. Feeding, walking, cleaning the dog yard and of course lots of cuddles. Together with Henra I treat sick dogs of owners, offer free rabies vaccinations and educate them (prevention, nutrition, diseases).

Henra Ginsu

Henra Ginsu


My pack of dogs lives right next to my house, in a village near Batu Katak.  My children also spend a lot of time with the 8 dogs and have already learned a lot about them. I also treat sick dogs in my village. Together with Rudi, I regularly visit a large group of dogs at their owner's home. We support them with food, skin treatments and vaccinations. All the dogs have been neutered by Sumatra dogs&catscare.

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Conny Lehmann-Horn
Schönstraße 65
81543 München

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