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About us

How did I come to start a dog & cat charity in the rainforest of North Sumatra? 

Founder Conny tells us...


Bukit Lawang is a popular tourist spot as it is still one of the few places in the world where orangutans live and can be observed. This was originally the reason why Sumatra became part of my trip to Asia. However, I was even more touched by the many sick, hungry cats and the sad situation of many dogs. The indigenous Batak people, who live in North Sumatra, like to eat dog meat. I found myself in a situation where puppies that I had nursed and given medical treatment were to be sold on the meat market. The owner needed the money. This led to the first - initially small - pack of dogs that my team still looks after today. I couldn't leave the animals to their fate and so everything gradually took its course. At that time, it was the beginning of the Corona period - Bukit Lawang was closed to tourists and many people lost their jobs. At the same time, the street cats were starving because the restaurants were closed. I was very lucky to find local dog and cat friends who wanted to work for me. We had to face some challenges, as the circumstances for setting up and caring for an animal rescue in the rainforest are not exactly easy. To give you an example, the only animal hospital we knew of at the time was a 4-hour drive from Bukit Lawang.


Our goals, which we pursue on an ongoing basis:

Curbing the high population by neutering dogs and cats in order to tackle the root of the suffering.


To change the mindset of pet owners through education, free treatment, neutering and rabies vaccinations.


Feed places with many malnourished animals and castrate them at the same time.


Raising awareness among locals about the needs of animals and communicating the idea of prevention.


Helping animals and people, creating a link between animal welfare and promoting education for children.


Medical care for sick street cats.

Unsere Adresse

Conny Lehmann-Horn
Schönstraße 65
81543 München

Wie Sie uns erreichen

Tel: (0157) 87544516
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